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Such a great way to get involved and we need your help in making all our sports events wonderful and successful! Your help is what can make the sports event that much better! It can go from a couple of parents doing everything to a group of parents having a spirit filled time... helping the students, your children and LHN build a fundamentally sound support system!
CURRENT Sports is well on its way...Please find time to volunteer, even if its one day... this will help!
We need your help....please help us at your child's sports event or more. You can sign up and volunteer at...


The Mustang Spirit Club is asking all of you to please sign upon and take a job. There are still MANY spots available and without your help we cannot sell concessions and spirit wear.  All of our teams enjoy the benefits of this program through equipment, uniforms, transportation, referee fees, our facility and more.  For every child, we do expect the parent/parents to sign up for at least two events in order to make this program a success!  We really appreciate your help and thank you to those who not only have fulfilled their expectation but to those who continue to volunteer beyond the requirement!  The Lord has blessed us with so much!  We have great athletes, great school and great families.  I hope you find it in your hearts to really try and commit to this program now and  for the future so that we can make it better for our kids.  Thank you,  MSC