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Image result for forensicsWhat is Forensics?
Forensics is competitive acting and speaking in individual or duo events.  Students begin by choosing (or writing) a piece in one of the categories below.  They meet with the coach (Miss Schaidt) to edit it and rehearse their performance once or twice a week.  Competitions are held at area schools on Saturdays in February and March.
                                               Acting                                       Speech
                                              Dramatic Interpretation              Broadcasting
                                              Duo                                            Extemporaneous
                                              Multiple                                      Impromptu
                                              Poetry                                        Informative
                                              Prose                                         Oratory
                                              Storytelling                                 Sales
Who should join the team?
Anyone interested in acting or speech writing!  There are many options available, from high energy acting pieces to confident, purposeful persuasive speaking.  Students at all skill levels of public speaking are welcome - your confidence will improve by participating in Forensics!
How do I join?
Listen for announcements about the informational meeting and come to learn more!  Please contact Miss Schaidt (Room 119) with any questions.