Required: 1.5 Units plus ½ unit of Health to be taken in three of four years.

These courses are designed to foster creativity and self-direction and to encourage vigorous activity including an emphasis on safety procedures and cardiovascular endurance. The program will present fundamental skills, which can be employed in a comprehensive intramural, interscholastic, and recreational program of team and individual sports, gymnastics, and rhythms.


Physical Education I (Separate Boy’s & Girls Class)

Grade: 9
Duration: Year
Prerequisite: None (Required of Freshmen)

This is a beginning course of basic movement, basic skills, cardiovascular endurance through individual and team sports and dance.



Grade: 10
Duration: Semester
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing (Required of Sophomores)

This course is designed to introduce students to various functions of the body and its maintenance. Knowledge regarding sound health habits and choices help create a mature attitude for responsible adult living.


PE II-Boys/Girls

Grades: 10,11,12
Duration: Semester
Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing

This course, typically offered each semester, includes activities which will change on alternating years for each group and will include outdoor and indoor activities of various individual and team sports. Each semester will include cardiovascular activities.


Athletic Conditioning (Men or Women)

Grades: 11,12
Duration: Semester
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing

This course will involve a study of human anatomy, movement, nutrition and fitness. Activities will include laboratory experiences involving weight training, aerobic activities, and cardiovascular exercises in addition to classroom experiences studying the human muscles, joint function, equipment usage, and personal training programs.