Required: Two Units of fine and/or practical arts and/or Foreign Language
Recommended: One - Two Units for college prep


Concert Choir

Grades: 10,11,12
Duration: Year
Prerequisite: Audition

The Concert Choir provides the opportunity for those students with gifted voices to further develop their talents and increase their abilities of musical expression. The choir is offered to increase the student's awareness and comprehension of both sacred and secular forms of music. The choir will lead local congregations in worship. A weekend tour is also scheduled. The choir has as its main emphasis the presentation, through song, of the Good News of our Loving Savior and Lord.

Concert Band
Grades: 9,10,11,12
Duration: Year
Prerequisite: Audition
The Concert Band is designed for those students who have attained a high level of proficiency on their instrument. The group will perform more advanced band literature of all historical periods. Students will perform throughout the school year at various events and they may participate in the District and State Solo/Ensemble Festivals. Students are urged to further improve their God-given talents by performing music to His glory.