I am sure that some ask the question, “Why should I send my child to Lutheran High North?” or “Why do you send your child(ren) to Lutheran High North?” Let me endeavor to respond to those valid questions.


Most importantly, it is because Lutheran North unashamedly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What makes Lutheran North special is that we are a CHRISTIAN school first and foremost. That is why we have chapel four days a week. That is why we believe it is essential for students to be in a religion class every day. That is why all faculty members are Christians. That is why our co-curricular groups pray before practices and performances. That is why faculty meet for devotions and pray for students each morning. That is why seniors lead the school in prayer and read scripture every morning. That is why we discipline with a clear Law/Gospel approach. That is why the expectations are rigorously high at Lutheran High North. That is why people are held accountable. That is why we forgive people. That is why we feel compelled to share with all of our students that Jesus Christ has died so that we all might live. That is why we exist! Lutheran High North is far more than a private school. Lutheran High North is very intentionally a Christian school.


In light of the eternal benefits of faith development, please allow me to touch on a few important temporal qualities of LHN. Each year Lutheran High North sends about 98% of its yearly graduates to colleges and universities. Thus, students here are surrounded by peers who are going to college. It is a way of life. LHN is viewed as the preparation ground for the collegiate experience. Research consistently suggests that those who go to college make significantly higher incomes over their lifetimes than those who do not. Education opens doors to the future, and LHN graduates pursue higher education. Equally as important, LHN graduates get into the state’s and nation’s best colleges and universities. An LHN diploma has value.


Also in the academic realms, we find that LHN consistently scores about 35-40 percentiles higher in composite ACT scores. Quality education is taking place. It can be attributed to quality faculty, rigorous academic expectations, excellent preparation and foundation from their elementary schools, fine students, and families who care about their children’s education.


Please allow me to qualitatively elaborate on other reasons for sending students to LHN. Lutheran High North is safe. The culture at LHN is one of highly disciplined and well supervised activities. Chaos does not and will never occur at LHN. Dances, games, hallways, classroom, cafeteria, parking lots, and chapel are well supervised by our faculty and administration.


Lutheran High North is large enough to offer many curricular and co-curricular opportunities to our students, yet small enough for each student to be cared for and small enough that one doesn’t have to be ultra-talented to get involved. We believe that athletics, drama, and music are important aspects of the high school experience and encourage all of our young men and women to get involved. Research consistently indicates that the more students are involved in co-curricular activities, the better they will perform academically (GPA).


Lutheran High North enjoys an extremely high retention rate from year to year. Although Lutheran High North is not the right fit for absolutely everyone, the vast majority (98%) of our students and families continue receiving their education from us once they begin. We are proud of that and are thankful to the thousands of families who have entrusted part of their children's mental, emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual upbringing to us. LHN has always been blessed with great students who hail from supportive families. Each day, we strive to serve these students and these families in the classroom and beyond.


Lutheran High North offers a high quality education in a Christian environment. Our bold proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what drives our mission at LHN. Our outstanding faculty and staff are committed to our mission and committed to facilitating an excellent education in the Christian tradition to all of our students.


We invite you to visit our campus. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. These are indeed exciting times to be a part of LHN. We invite you to be part of that excitement. 

God bless you, and God bless Lutheran High North.
John Reincke, Principal